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Bellaquera is in style and Stefany is flaunting it

Updated: Jan 17

We have a rising star in our hands, Stefany has been putting in noticeable work in her music career since early 2021 with her previous releases such as "Fuego" with over 200K listeners. Also Mid - 2022 she has been releasing music back to back collaborating with other female artist, such as "Envidiosa" feat Dominican Italian artist Rissbel and "Malevo" feat RominaPsycho. Stefany's music overall represents confidence, fierceness and woman sensuality. You have to take a listen to "Me Le Pegue" Her music videos are exceptional quality and surpass expectations. Stefany embodies the representation of an independent, strong-minded and focused artist. We see her discipline through-out the years of her career and have had the pleasure to participate and be apart of some of her projects, such as the one coming up "Bellaquera". This song is has not been released but what I can say! Is that your not going to want to miss this next release. Be ready for you and your group of chicas to put your hands high and bop your heads to "Bellaquera" this month. Keep an eye on this release, you'll be able to find updates on her social media platforms.

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