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Bandidas saben que son Bandidas

Updated: Jul 20

Nerry Money with FlowLaMusica


We recently had on the show a true character, one that will make you laugh once you press play. We've had Nerry Money previously on the show accompanied by Nizze, where they expressed their viewings on making more commercialized music versus making music for the "Streets". This podcast came out about 1 year ago where Nerry spoke on regards the controversy between him and Panamanian artist Jorkan and the record label NBA (Never Broke Again). Nerry Money was who took the initiative to start the versus between the artist Jorkan and himself.

But on this episode Nerry Money came on his own, focused more on his music and what the future is holding for him. He's currently signed to an international record label and blossoming his music as time goes by, many feats being done and new releases coming out. The episode took an interesting turn within the conversation, Nerry Money mentions his disappointments and bad experiences with love. He states he has more luck in bed than trying to find love and he doesn't know why. Through out the episode CEO Bart asked him why does he believe some women like to sing along to certain music that he considers are degrading and not uplifting women as it should.

Nerry expresses his opinion by saying "Ellas saben lo que son" which in english means "They know what they are". The conversation went 360! As a woman and part of the FlowLaMusica team I believe music channels many different emotions and nostalgic moments. Music can become empowering as well as remind you of a traumatic past. Music in todays world doesn't really leave any curiosity or imagination to the mind anymore, its very OPEN. For example, Cardi B's music is very expressive on regards woman and sex, which in my opinion I consider empowering while other woman might consider vulgar. Before you would hear music on how women cater to men, calling out for love, searching for love. Which in all honesty I do still listen to but now you have the option of artists like Lizzo, Cardi B, Megan the Stallion, Glorilla and many others who been trendsetting the independence of woman and how we can as well use one man today another tomorrow just how some men express in their lyrics about women. It's refreshing hearing the boys speak on this subject, you can really grasp the male perspective and see the differences in opinions. It an interesting topic to continue and maybe bring up with a different panel of artist and see where it goes.

We all see things differently which is what makes having your own opinion and perspective beautiful. What do you think?

Are YOU what you sing?

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